New Attitudes

We've had the pleasure of  providing a unique service for seniors for nearly a century. 
Pura Quiñonez
"When I feel alone I start to think a lot about how much I miss my country and by coming to ISC I forget everything and I feel happy and have a good time with  my new friends."
Pura Quiñones, 79
"I have felt a lot better since coming here. Before at home, I could barely even put on my socks! Now I can move more easily. I really like the dancing, exercising, and especially Zumba!"
Jose Luis Partida, 69
Yolanda Cedillo
"This place has made me enjoy a new life and world. I have found a new family that listens to me and respects me. I am thankful that I get to enjoy every day and every moment here, at this center."
Yolanda Cedillo, 79